Unusual Books of Lasting Value

Alexanderplatz Books was started in 1981. The business is conducted by Martin Janal and Eve Hochwald. One of us (MJ) has a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, and the other (EH) a Ph.D. in Anthropology. Together we bring to the business an appreciation of the book as aesthetic object, cultural artifact, and information tool. Long practice in our professional fields has impressed on us the necessity for bibliographical accuracy and thorough research into the historical context of the individual book. We have been in business long enough to have developed a sense of two qualities that make for a good book - unusualness and lasting value. Our stock is wide-ranging, with concentrations in a number of areas both quirky and traditional - literature, art, photography, music, children's books, foreign languages - especially German, in which we have good holdings of German press books and fine printing, China, India, and Japan; and Judaica. We are building study collections in the culture of early science, Anglo-Indian literature, and New York City in fiction.

A small proportion of our stock is listed on ABE (www.abebooks.com/home/aplatz).

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